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Official Pitbike Classes and Rules for 2024

Bike Classes - ( All classes may not apply to each event, check with the specific event you are attending)

-Stock 110

-Stock Limited




-Heavy weight





-Unlimited B

-Youth 9-14

-Youth 3-8


-Vintage Mini

-Stock (pitquad)

-Stock limited (pitquad)

-Open (pitquad)

( All class rules listed Below)

Class Rules -
**MiniMoto Nation reserves the right to alter these rules at anytime*

Stock 110 ​

  • Comfort mods only( Bars, springs, tires, peg bars, shifters, levers, chains, tires, sprockets, or cosmetic upgrades)​

  • No internal motor modifications

  • Must have stock exhaust

  • Must have stock airbox

  • Must have stock swingarm( No aftermarket allowed)

  • No aftermarket Throttle bodies (CRF) or Intakes

  • No aftermarket clutches

  • No additional aftermarket parts or modifications to the bike unless specifically approved in this rule section

  • NO PORTING Allowed( NO porting of head/intake manifold or any other parts on the bike)

  • No lightened flywheels or other components 

  • Must be air cooled 4 stroke

  • 110L not allowed. 110L rides in Stock Limited

Stock Limited

  • Aftermarket Exhaust allowed

  • Aftermarket A style swingarms allowed( Foes/BBR ETC)

  • throttle bodies/carburetors/intakes allowed

  • Porting/jetting/tuning is allowed


  • Conventional style forks required( no inverted forks allowed unless from factory(most chinese style bikes)

  • KLX110L allowed

  • Disc brakes allowed( This is the class you will race a stock YCF110 and other off brand bikes that are 110cc)

  • aftermarket Clutches allowed

  • 114CC max ( no Big bores)

  • Must be air cooled 4 stroke

Stock Mod 110

  • 155cc Max Engine Size ( Any internal engine mods are OK as long as the bike meets the max engine CC requirement.)

  • Aftermarket exhaust allowed

  • Stock Style Suspension Required - Aftermarket A Style Swing Arms Permitted

  • Stock Style Forks Required (KX 65 forks OK) - Inverted Forks are NOT Permitted

  • Disc Brake Conversions Permitted

  • KLX110L allowed

  • Throttle bodies and Intake manifolds are permitted​

  • Air cooled motors 4 strokes only

  • clutches allowed


  • No Modification Restrictions

  • Wheels limited to 12” rear and 14” Front

  • Air cooled motors 4 strokes only

  • Electric conversions allowed. 

  • No surrons

PlayBike -

Bikes are limited to XR100, KLX140, KLX140L, CRF125, CRF150F, DRZ125, and TTR125.

Bikes Must be Air Cooled 4 strokes

190cc Max Engine Size

No Modification Limits Otherwise

-No Modification Restrictions

-Must be air cooled 4 strokes

- Wheels limited to 17” rear and 19” Front.

-Rider must be of 40 years of age or older


-Must be 220+ lbs for this class

-No modification restrictions

-Must be air cooled 4 strokes

-Wheels limited to 17" rear and 19" front



-190cc Max

-17/19 Max wheel size

- Must be air cooled and must be 4 stroke



-145cc Max

-Must be Honda XR100 Frame

-XR80s allowed


-17" Rear and 19" front max

-No cc Limit

-Must be air cooled

-Electric Conversions/bikes allowed, as long as all other requirements met. 

-Air cooled 2 strokes allowed

- Surrons allowed

Unlimited B

-Same rules as unlimited

-You cannot ride this class if signed up for any money class

-This class is designed to be an entry level class for people new to the sport/racing scene.

Youth 9-14

-Must 9-14 years old

-12" rear and 14" front max NO BIG WHEEL BIKES/PLAYBIKES

-Must be air cooled and 4 stroke

Youth 3-8

-Must be 3-8 years old

-4 stroke ONLY (pw50s and jr50s allowed)

-110cc MAX

Vintage Mini

-110cc max engine size( 4 strokes 1999 and older)

-80cc max engine size(2 strokes 1976 and older MX race bikes & 1999 and older trail bikes)

-14" max rear wheel size

-Typical minis but not limited, to this class: z50,CT70,SL/XL70,KV75,XR75,GT80,YZ80(74-75),JT1,JT2, TM75(74-75) AND similar era Minis. 


- Must be an electric style balance bike

-16" max wheel size

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